Thursday, September 17, 2009

september 17, 2009

 i ran out of 2 colors in oil about a month ago.   i needed $200 to order paint.  i sold 9 small drawings and paintings to do this. 

i have reconstructed an old paint box to better fit my needs for painting on site.  i am coating my palette with linseed oil a few times.  this will seal it good if i decide to work in oil.  what i wanted was a small box light enough to carry on my back and sturdy,  that opens quick and won't fall over as i paint.  

i have attached some photos of the new box.  on the bottom i glued a piece of hardwood to fasten a tripod to, i need to make the whole for that still.  but this will allow me to take a tripod on and off which i like because sometimes i don't need one and the tripods i have worked with on french easels just get in my way. 

next week i plan to begin painting.

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  1. That's how much 2 things of paint are? Wow! How big? And, where did you sell your drawings...good work!